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Quilting Project Runway Show

I'm the seamstress...er, mistress of ceremonies, and your guild members are the models for my eclectic wardrobe of vests and jackets. I've got something for EVERY body, and that means fit as well as styles and techniques to inspire your own wearable art. The outfits include tote bags from my book, Unforgettable Tote Bags, made by celebrity quilters and me. Interspersed with the show, I'll demo lots of no-sew and quick-sew techniques for enhancing ready made garments with a huge variety of surface techniques, beautiful embellishments to bring the eye up to your face, and  creating a quick and innovative bag that's tote-ally cool. 

Make sure your guild members bring their own wearables for a fabulous Show 'n Tell that becomes part of the program. Everyone oohs and ahhhs, laughs and learns, so each person goes home ready to rock her own look with quilting techniques!  Freebies for all, too...

I really enjoyed you speaking at the Bayside Meeting. You are so funny and a free spirit. --Gloria, Bayside Quilters of the Eastern Shore, MD


The Bayside Babes---er, Quilters of Easton, MD know how to strut their---er, my stuff! Thanks for modeling my garments and accessories!